Ways to Support Asian Americans During COVID-19!!!

these sources were sent to me by an anonymous IG user who was interested in ways that we can support Asian American communities in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. they were kind enough to provide an abundance of resources, but I haven't personally had a chance to look at all of them in depth. that being said, before you donate or provide your support to any of these causes, please do some preliminary research of your own!

^a lot of the sources in this carrd are taken from this thread (they're mostly NYC centric, but offer resources concerning other areas as well)!

donate to orgs:

donate to GoFundMes:

support restaurants donating meals to those in need:

purchase merchandise:

--> Asian American ones are:


one last thing:
with everything going on in the world right now, it's important to remember and recognize the anti-Black sentiment that remains present in a lot of our communities. we need to stand with our Black siblings always and use our voices to amplify theirs in this time of crisis. change is long overdue.


dm me @linmalakas on ig or twitter if you have any more resources you think should be included!

last updated at 3:08pm on june 17th, 2020

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